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We offer comprehensive services for entities participating in the broadly understood investment process as well as in the field of real estate trade. In the scope of investment processes services include in particular:

  • legal due diligency of real estate, arrangement of the legal status of particular real estate;
  • preparation of draft real estate purchase agreements (including preliminary contracts, conditional agreements), representation in negotiations related to the purchase of real estate;
  • preparation of contracts related to the implementation of investments, including contracts for general implementation of investments, for construction works, subcontracting agreements, development contracts, joint implementation agreements investment and representation in the negotiations preceding the conclusion of such contracts;
  • legal advisory in the field of settlements between participants in the construction process, representation in disputes between participants in the construction process: investors, contractors, subcontractors, designers and insurers;
  • preparation of lease agreements, rent agreements, consultancy and representation during the commercialization processes of commercial, office and logistic facilities, franchise agreements regarding the activities carried out in the realised investments, as well as sale contracts of residential and commercial premises;
  • tax advisory in relation to real estate investments.